You Deserve the Best of Everything

Loving connected relationships, a healthy body and a clear mind.

Why Holistic Health Coaching?

Are you looking to balance your life, create vibrant health, improve your relationships? 
Do you want to change, but don’t know where to begin, or feel too busy to start? 
As your Health Coach, I can help you determine what your individual body, mind, and soul need in order to heal and thrive. I listen, give information, and coach you to find solutions for yourself in a step-by-step process over six months. I will help you to uncover and unlock your own bio-individual ways to transform every aspect of your life.

We work together to address the issues or challenges you are facing, including:

  • You’ve tried different diets and supplements, but you don’t stick with them, or you feel confused or overwhelmed by the choices available.

  • You are afraid of or unsettled by illness, cancer, weight gain, or other ailments.

  • You are not sleeping well, and feel tired during the day.

  • You are anxious, depressed, or feel alone.

  • You are embarrassed by or feel powerless over physical or mental conditions.

  • You are highly-sensitive to toxins.

  • You struggle to prioritize your health.

Over the years I have helped friends, family, and clients take steps toward health-giving life transformation. I understand your dilemma because I have been there myself, challenged with ill health and dysfunctional relationships. Over the years I’ve discovered the keys to a balanced healthy life and love sharing this knowledge with others. 

You deserve the best of everything: loving connected relationships, a healthy body and a clear mind. Through Health Coaching, I can help you balance your weight, experience freedom from dis-ease, and nurture (or further deepen) your relationships.

You can transform your life. You can have great self-esteem, more energy, less stress, a calm, positive attitude, balanced hormones, excellent relationships, clear life goals with concrete steps forward, and connection to your inner depths.  

This work is my calling, and it fills me with joy and gratitude to support my clients in achieving their goals. If you are ready to begin, or you would like more information before making a commitment, you can reach me at 541-566-6817 or at

Let's create real lasting change together!

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Health Coaching Programs

Initial Assessments

We will first meet in person by phone for a 15 minute FREE assessment to find out if we are a good fit to work together. If so, I will help you transform every aspect of your life in a comprehensive and powerful health improvement program of your choice. I look forward to meeting you!

3 or 6 Month
Revolution Coaching

A 3 or 6 month transformational program with Julie as your Holistic Health Coach. We will look at every aspect of your life and you will decide where you would like to focus and what changes you would like to bring about. We will meet twice a month for 1½ hours. You will have access to cooking, exercise and other lifestyle classes. The direction of the coaching is up to you.

Group Coaching

​The group dynamic in health coaching is very powerful and opens up new possibilities for healing. Each person learns more deeply when they hear other people's questions and observe their processes, increasing the chance to experience real health transformation.

The group meets every other Tuesday for 1½ hours on Zoom.

Family Constellation Work

A critical aspect to improving health is to heal the past (and the present). An extremely effective tool for this purpose is Family Constellation Work, a unique therapy developed by Bert Hellinger. We have seen it help people heal their relationships, their bodies and their minds.

If you are interested in experiencing Family Constellation Work without participating in a full health coaching program, standalone sessions are available here.

Detox Programs

In our current world environment we all need to detox regularly. These detox programs will reset your immune system by unloading the bucket of toxins you are carrying. Restoring your body's innate ability to heal itself.

EMF Consultations

(EMF = Electromagnetic Frequency)
I will scan your home or office with 4 different EMF meters for Radio frequency(Wireless), Electric, Magnetic and Dirty Electricity, including a Body Volt Meter which tells you how much electric and magnetic frequency your body is picking up, and then provide mitigation strategies.