Electromagnetic Frequency Mitigation
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Satic Shield

Satic Shield offers the most effective line of clean power products on the market, protecting home and family from harmful electromagnetic radiation and dirty electricity.

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Greenwave Filters

Dirty electricity and other types of electro-pollution have been associated with a wide variety of health problems.

Greenwave filters significantly reduce the level of dirty electricity present on the wiring in buildings. The less dirty electricity there is flowing along building wires, the less that will radiate into rooms.

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Shielded Healing

Today we are bombarded with an excess of electromagnetic pollution which is linked to many of our mental and physical health issues. Contact Julie for a home or office EMF evaluation to determine which mitigation strategies you need from Shielded Healing. Shielded Healing offers consultations and devices to mitigate EMF radiation in your home. Most up to date scientifically proven products that work.

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Earthing technology keeps you grounded to the health promoting negative charge of the Earth while you are engaged in daily activities. Today we are bombarded with an excess of electromagnetic pollution which is linked to many of our mental and physical challenges. Find here ways to mitigate your exposure.

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Scalar Energy Rest Shield

From Fresh and Alive, this electrically powered scalar subtle energy device promotes deep sleep, helps relieve stress and stress-related issues, helps to reduce or eliminate jet lag, relaxes the body and mind, reduces the effects of electromagnetic pollution, helps improve performance during waking hours, and more.

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Scalar Energy Home Shield

The Home Shield is an electrically powered scalar energy generator that is placed outdoors to help reduce the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution in your house and yard, promote deeper sleep and reduce stress within the home, provide wide area environmental protection, improve plant growth, reduce the prevalence of pest insects and help protect the health of beneficial insects such as honey bees and pollinators, and more.

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Safe Living Technologies

Safe Living Technologies is a company dedicated to providing products that protect people from EMF effects. The bed canopy shown is only one of a wide variety of shielding products for the home and garden they offer.

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