Block Therapy

The Block Therapy system is the most effective self care technique to soften and release tissue to promote blood and oxygen flow to cells. Without using force, Block Therapy persuades tissue to release. It focuses on releasing the fascia all the way to the bone - where issues are stored.

"Block Therapy is changing my relationship with my body. Deanna's classes are helping me understand how it works and relate to my body like an old friend. I am amazed by how I feel after every class: all my anxiety has been erased and I am deeply relaxed and peaceful. I highly recommend Block Therapy to everyone!" 

 – Anne S.

Choose from a number of package options:

Starter Package

The introduction program to Block Therapy! This includes Introductory & Explanatory Videos, 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program, Introductory Positions & Descriptions, and access to a 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial.

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Specific Health Issues

This link will bring you to the Specific Health Issues page. This is where you can select which issue you are wanting to address or learn how Block Therapy can help. Each selection you choose will provide information about the Starter Package with a call to action.

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Scoliosis Gone

Directed guidance and connection to Deanna to create in the moment programs to support individuals requiring a high level of personal interaction.

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Programas para Terapia de Bloque

This link will bring you to the Block Therapy Programs that have been translated to Spanish. This includes the Starter Package as well as the Block Therapy Instructor program.

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Block Therapy Membership

This link will bring you to the Block Therapy Membership page. This will give you a breakdown of what is included in the Block Therapy Membership and the options to join.

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