Holistic Health Coaching

In her many years of study and experience, Julie has learned that we can heal ourselves only if we acknowledge and address ALL the parts of us, not just focus on the physical body. This is why she has chosen a holistic approach, and why the tools she uses go beyond diet and exercise. Below are some of the tools Julie uses to create a protocol of health for you to make profound changes in your life:

Germanic Healing Knowledge
Consultations and Education

A new paradigm shift in health care has appeared just when we need it most. You will feel more empowered and excited about taking charge of your health. You will never fear your symptoms or illness or disease again!

Family Constellation Work

Did you know that hidden dynamics in a family or relationship may be having an impact on your mental and physical health? Heal your relationships, body and mind with this unique and effective therapy developed by Bert Hellinger.

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Detox Programs

In our world today we all need to detox. Custom tailored for your body's needs to unload the bucket of toxins you carry, and reset your immune function so your body can heal itself.

Herbs & Supplements

I rely on herbal and plant based supplements for optimal health. Using Autonomic Response Testing we can determine which supplements meet your individual body's needs. 


Personal growth work, relationship work and couples counseling. Including life coaching and spiritual counseling. 

Applied Psycho-Neurobiology

Applied Psycho-Neurobiology (APN) is a combination of techniques used to heal the body and mind on a deep level. Using ART and O Ring testing, the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds can be accessed to help heal chronic illness.

EMF Consulting

(EMF = Electromagnetic Frequency)
Providing basic mitigation strategies for your home and office.

ART and O Ring Testing

(ART) Autonomic Response and O Ring Testing to determine which supplements and strategies work best for your body.

Cooking and Shopping Classes

Strategies for consuming and preparing more nutrient dense foods. Delicious food for busy people!

Meditation Techniques

To nourish body, mind and soul. To enhance your powers of concentration, your capacity for connection to your true intuition, and to the divine in you

Easy Exercise

Easy and effective exercise programs for busy people

PEMF IMRS Mat Session

Give yourself a deep healing gift, lay on the IMRS mat and receive the combination of PEMF with Far Infrared which create microcirculation and oxygenation of all of your cells.

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