“Working with Julie has been transformative, not only for me, but for my whole family as well. My husband met Julie and signed me up for her health coaching as a surprise for me. I was recovering from a very difficult pregnancy and was dealing with chronic pain and fatigue.
Julie became a source of inspiration and healing for me. I looked forward to our bi-monthly meetings. She is so kind and patient! It felt so good to be able to talk to her about things going on in our lives and to get her feedback as well as learn from her about what was going on with my body. I am now doing so much better overall. She has worked with both our sons; one overcame severe seasonal allergies and the other (our youngest) is healing his gut and getting back on track neurologically!
I can't say enough good things about our experience with Julie. The supplements she provides are top notch and the depth and breadth of her knowledge is impressive.
Thank you for all your help and love Julie!”

— Smyrna Leventhal

"Highly recommended. She's amazing! I've had a very good experience."  

— Amanda Lies

“Julie was so kind, enthusiastic and supportive of me in my process of working on health goals. Her approach is truly holistic. I came in focused solely on nutritional goals. With all the tools she has in her toolkit, I realize that not only my physical health, but my emotional, spiritual, and psychological health benefited from our work together. Julie’s encouragement helped me have patience with myself in achieving what I had set out to do and, in addition, to incorporate even more tools that have helped me live a healthier life.”

— Karen

Julie's breadth of knowledge, enthusiasm, caring, and dedication to holistic health has been a life saving intervention for me. 

A combination of chronic Lyme disease, and EHS (Electrohypersensitivity) had me daily gripped in body pain, migraines, dizziness, brain fog, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Under her gentle guidance and inspiration, I am finally on the road back to health. After 6 months, I am about 85% better, and will continue the program until all the symptoms are resolved. Julie is an angel.

— Deb Ross

"I’ve known Julie for several years now and have always held so much respect for her as not only an exemplary human being but also the healthiest person I’ve ever known.  When I learned she had become a health coach I couldn’t wait to sign up as I’ve struggled with health issues for the past 10 years.  She has been a godsend in my life.  She has not only helped me with my health but has been the best therapist I’ve ever had for my emotional issues as well.  She is so kind, loving, accepting and knowledgeable at the same time.  She has so much love and understanding for everyone she meets and I am so thankful for her guidance.  She will meet you wherever you are in your journey in life and help guide you with love, kindness, patience and a total lack of judgment.  Julie is most definitely one of the rare people in this world who walk their talk and make a big impact and difference in other peoples lives!" 

— Kim Hunton

Julie is awesome!  I recommend her to anyone who is serious about healing and not just a quick fix. Julie is kind, patient, highly intuitive, and intelligent in her approach to healing. She really cares about the big picture.

My top three goals were: getting my health back in check, managing stress, and help with relationships. She was able to help me with these by taking the time to assess my background which included nutrition habits, sleep habits, spirituality, family of origin patterns, and current health status. The biggest tangible changes that I've noticed are more energy, clear skin, and more positive outlook on my approach to relationships. The most significant overall change has been a more peaceful mind and that I am kinder to myself.

— Kimberly C. Nnanna

Julie Tilt is positive and endlessly encouraging. She is helpful in coming at my challenges from all different directions, with small steps which make change less overwhelming. She recommends so many ways to improve health and relationships and shares her own experience from her heart. I recommend Julie to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life from an open and beautiful person.

The levels of fatigue, stress and tension I had been experiencing in my body have decreased so much, it is almost hard to remember how little I could do before.

— Sherri Detwieller

"I have been seeing Julie for the last year and she has helped me transform my communication and the way that I interact with myself and others. The skills and tools that I have learned with her will help me for a very long time! I have found ways to structure my thoughts and my days to find more healthy relationships in every aspect of my life."  

— Emma Sackinger

"Julie is an amazing health coach and woman. She has taught me so much about my body and how to put my best self forward. Grateful to have this experience with Julie and her health and wellness coaching️️ ♥ ♥ ♥."  

— Faye Kilpatrick

"Love my coaching sessions! This has been one of the most impactful changes I have made for my health in a very long time. Highly recommend Julie!"  

— Kevin Kearsly

"Julie Tilt is a wise healer. I’m so grateful to benefit from her lifetime attention to a breadth of healing traditions! After cancer treatment, I fell into depression. Four years later my energy, memory and motivation were still very challenged. After working with Julie I feel like I got my lifeforce back!!  I feel better, my brain is clear and I have energy to plan the future! Thank you Julie, your ability to listen and guide helped me find my way home."  

— Jennifer White

"I’ve known Julie Tilt for 11 years.  I was thrilled when I heard she was becoming a health coach as that profession is the perfect union of her passions and strengths. Julie has a background in herbalism and her thirst for learning about how we can heal ourselves and support our well being with plants and natural products has never faded.  She loves to research these topics and share what she’s learned. 


Julie’s strengths include being positive and encouraging while also accepting where a client is at on their journey toward health, and the pace at which they choose to move forward.  In addition, she truly cares about people and she’s very kind. I was extremely fortunate to receive health coaching from Julie in 2017.  During that time she helped me achieve goals related to my overall health, she offered ideas and information to help me overcome obstacles and address health challenges, and she even helped me move toward achieving a life dream of buying a house. 


As a busy professional who is involved in the community, I wasn’t sure I would have time for making big changes.  Julie helped me think of ways to achieve healthier habits without drastically changing who I am.  Instead she looked for ways that fit my schedule and my tendencies. If you are considering hiring a health coach to help you with some goal setting, accountability, collaboration and support for achieving health in any area of your life, I highly recommend Julie Tilt." 

— Kristie Steele

"Julie has taken the time to understand me and my current lifestyle and has used this knowledge along with her deep understanding of holistic health to guide me toward a healthier life. She has helped me change dietary and lifestyle habits that has allowed me to feel physically and mentally healthier and happier. Through her supportive approach and knowledge I feel good about the improvements I've made and see the path toward future personal development."  

— Sarah Refrem

"I began working with Julie Tilt six months ago, due to enormous physical pain from a mountain climbing accident which had grounded me for close to a year at that time.  Along with the physical pain, the emotional distress I was experiencing due to not being able to pursue my physically and mentally intense sport was overwhelming.

Julie is one of the most gracious and kind people I have ever worked with.  We began with the facts of my physical health and progressed seamlessly to my emotional health.  Julie comes from a scientific background and has become, in my opinion, an expert on the healing qualities of plants in combination with the body’s natural chemicals that produce a healthy physical being.  And with her gentle and sweet communication skills has helped me settle emotionally as my physical being settles with appropriate vitamins and minerals.

Due to Julie’s expert guidance with vitamins, minerals, proper healing food choices, and gentle and kind nature, my body pain is not disabling any longer as I prepare for hip replacement surgery.  Emotionally and spiritually, Julie has guided me to a change my perspective on life and relationships that has brought me to an awesome peace that I haven’t experienced in many years.

I shall always be grateful for all the help Julie has given me."

— Valorie Savisky

"Julie is amazing! I found her to be loving, caring, intelligent, knowledgeable and invested in me. With Julie’s help I have been able to work through some heavy-duty mental obstacles. She provided a space and opportunity to discuss and unpack my needs, and to determine how I got to the point I was at. Next we developed a plan to work on my financial, social health and mental health with weekly and monthly goals. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since working with Julie is how much more I am investing in self-awareness and self-care. I recommend Julie to anyone who is interested in figuring out the core reasons why they are experiencing health and lifestyle issues."

— Tanja Gardener

Kind, compassionate and incredible knowledgeable about holistic health. She really took the time to understand my issues and goals and come up with action items that end in results.

— Jackson Bagley-Bonner

Since meeting and working with Julie Tilt, my life has been different in so many ways. From her consistent enthusiastic coaching and cheerleading, to her herbal supplement advice and adjustments, to her overall well-being encouragement. Julie has taught me that I'm in charge of my mood and day, and has given me the tools needed. I no longer suffer from depression or anxiety or lack of self-worth. I enjoy my job more, I'm active in the community and active in recreational activities. With her support and hard work I've been able to shed 60 lbs.  Thank you Julie for your dedication to wellness. 

— Deanna Shilling

I really appreciate how hard Julie works to understand me and what I need to work on. She has helped me tremendously!

— Kirk Giudici