Mother Earth Labs

Replenish your body naturally with all-organic supplements from Mother Earth Labs. Backed by science and formulated without any harmful ingredients, these supplements provide your body with the nutrition it needs for optimal health. They really work!

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ION*Biome Health Products

ION*Biome offers an exclusive line of  products mostly targeting gut health. ION*Gut Health products support the body’s production of beneficial enzymes through redox signaling (cellular communication). 

Good health depends entirely on gut health because a lot more than digestion happens in the gut. It’s also where proper immune system function begins and the majority of our neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, are created.

Say yes to ION*Gut Health and you are saying yes to optimal gut-brain connectivity and feel-good transmissions, protection from the toxins we face every day in our air, water, and food, immune function, digestive wellness, and supported gluten tolerance.

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Ki Science

One of my favorite resources for cutting edge, excellent quality, nutrient dense supplements developed by Dr Klinghardt, MD, PhD.  More than supplements, Ki Science also has products for enhancing detox, strengthening the immune system and digestion, balancing hormones and more.

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