Germanic Healing Knowledge Courses

Germanic Healing Knowledge has changed the way I think about healing and illness. You can learn too with these online courses!

Beyond Holistic Medicine - Newly Expanded

This online course bundle from Andi Locke Mears includes:

  • Information about German New Medicine/Germanic Healing Knowledge.

  • How to apply GHK to your own life.
  • Weekly teleconference recordings.

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Advanced Beyond Holistic Medicine

With Andi Locke Mears. ABHM has 12 lessons that delve deeper into biological thinking and living, germ layers, pain patterns, when to use agents such as medications & supplements and more!

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Psychoses & Constellations

Learn a new understanding of psychology, psychiatry and behavioral issues with Andi Locke Mears in this amazing course.

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GHK Self Study Course

This course if for you if you want to learn how your body works and have an extensive video library explaining the 5 Biological Laws of Nature which explain the cause of:

  • every disease of all organs and tissues such as cancer, GI tract issues, eczema and other skin issues, heart attacks, strokes, tremors, and much more.
  • every mental disorder and behavioral pattern such as OCD, depression, bulimia, etc. 

You will also study the application of Germanische Heilkunde through the study of real life examples in actual case studies.

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GHK Associate Course

The GHK Associate course is for the average person who desires GHK knowledge for themselves and their family. It provides weekly, live classes to give additional support for learning.

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GHK Educator Course

This is for people who want to acquire an educational level of Germanische Heilhunde that will allow them to teach and support others as a GHk Educational Consultant.

Are you already a nutritionist, a physician or nurse, a holistic consultant, or do you simply desire to teach GHK? Then this program is for you!

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University Level GHK

Dr. Hamer’s dream of a university level educational program is now coming to life with the new GHk Pilhar Academy. It’s a university type education with live classes, videos, reading material, and quizzes. This new program exists not only for educating the general public but also as a new training program for future teachers within the GHk Pilhar Academy.

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