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Despite the barrage of negative influences we are currently experiencing in our world, there are also many very exciting and promising new inventions, scientific research findings, and ideas to discover, bringing an opening of hope and an assurance of a brighter future. 

As a health coach, I am continuously searching for the best tools for healing to support my clients. Since 2016, after my wonderful husband gave me leave from my duties at Hummingbird Wholesale (our organic bulk foods company) in order to pursue my dream, I have been diligently studying different healing modalities. I have discarded most of the modalities I explored, but not Germanic Healing Knowledge(GHk). GHk is is not just another tool, it is a completely new tool box, which turns the paradigm of conventional medicine upside down. 

Nothing thrills me more than giving my clients tools to heal themselves. I may be working myself out of a job, but I want to give my clients a way to understand their biology and symptoms.  

What if you could be free of fear of disease?  What if you understood your symptoms are part of a process your body has initiated in order to heal you and protect you? What if you could have body sovereignty by having knowledge of how your biology works?

GHk is the body of knowledge compiled by Dr. R. Geerd Hamer MD, who embarked on his journey of discovery after he developed prostate cancer suddenly after his son was inadvertently shot and killed. He felt that those events were linked somehow and strove to find the connection. Through almost 40 years of scientific research, Dr. Hamer determined that what we call "disease" is in fact our brilliant bodies adapting to conflict. He brought to light the fact that the body does not do anything malignant or diseased, the body only does what is sensible. 

GHk teaches us that the body will turn on a “Special Biological Program” in order to protect us and heal us. Most of the symptoms of what we call "illness" show up in the healing phase, to either break down extra cells or repair ulcerated tissue. Microbes help the process and act as microsurgeons and the clean up crew. Bacteria, fungi and so called “viruses,” which are very specific to the different tissues in the body, expertly work to do what is needed to heal. Blaming these microbes for causing disease is akin to blaming the fire department and police force for showing up at the scene of a crime. They are our partners in life and we live symbiotically.

Here is an historical example of how this works:

During World War I many people were forced to hide in their homes or in the subways to escape overhead bombings and thick smoke, not knowing if they would survive. Understandably, many people suffered death/fright conflicts, which triggered a Special Biological Program in the brain stem (‘old brain’ endoderm tissue), which controls the lungs. Many people's lung alveoli grew extra cells in order to allow the body to take in more oxygen to compensate for the fear and the smoke. What a brilliant biological solution!

The end of the war initiated a massive resolution of this Special Biological Program, ending the conflict active (fight or flight) phase. All of the extra cells the lungs had grown then needed to be broken down and carried out by fungi and mycobacteria in the healing phase. Hence the tuberculosis bacteria, which lives naturally in our lungs, proliferated at a great rate in order to break down the extra cells the body no longer needed and caused what appeared to be an epidemic of TB. What if, instead of being an “infection,” the outbreak of tuberculosis was the body’s natural mechanism to return to homeostasis after suffering a conflict shock?

Seen from this perspective, interfering with uncomfortable symptoms in a well meaning attempt to relieve discomfort can unknowingly interrupt our body’s natural mechanism to heal. 

Dr. Hamer’s Five Biological Laws show scientifically –  through the study of embryology, the function and connection of the brain to the organs, and the laws of nature – that diseases are caused by either poisoning, injury, severe malnutrition or conflict shocks. Using no-contrast CT scans, Dr. Hamer found circular lesions in people’s brains in the exact area where brain relays connect to specific organs or tissues where the person was having symptoms. Dr. Hamer could view your brain scan without ever knowing anything about you, and report your past and current physical and mental health history with accuracy.

After studying the physical symptoms and diseases of the body, Dr. Hamer began to question the origin of the entire spectrum of mental health issues, from anxiety, depression and OCD to psychotic schizophrenia. His research shows that in fact, the Five Biological Laws apply to mental health as well.

When one experiences two different conflict shocks that register lesions on opposite sides of the brain, in the same area of the brain, there is an immediate behavior change, which Dr Hamer called Schizophrenic Constellations. There is always a biological reason for these special programs to turn on, mainly to keep the person alive and away from danger. 

For example, a frontal fear, or fear of what is ahead, in conjunction with a powerlessness conflict, registers lesions on both sides of the frontal cerebral cortex to initiate an anxiety or panic attack syndrome, which keeps the person on guard when confronted with similar situations.

Why is this knowledge not known by the mainstream? I believe you all know the answer all too well, and can imagine the implications to the world of medicine, if the people had this knowledge. 

Dr. Hamer was persecuted after delivering his research in a post-doctoral thesis to the University of Tuebingen in Germany in 1981. In the following years, his medical license was revoked, he was arrested twice and he was even imprisoned for helping people to heal for free. But Dr. Hamer did not give up; he kept on with his diligent research, enlisting others to assist him to spread the message under cover.

You may ask why the term Germanic? This word is very much in alignment with the vision and mission of all freedom lovers worldwide. The word Germanic means freedom and brotherhood. Dr. Hamer and his wife were raised in old Germany, Frisia, where for 400 years this land had peace and freedom with no rulers other than communities working together for harmony and health. 

Before I learned the principles of GHk, I thought I had low thyroid, high blood sugar, gluten intolerance and an allergy to our cat. For me personally, my symptoms disappeared soon after understanding the Five Biological Laws. It is very possible for healing to happen quickly even with chronic symptoms.

Of course, depending on the type of program running, there can be a point when the body has had so many conflict shocks and the psyche has been triggered to turn on these Special Biological Programs over and over again without any resolution, that it may be very challenging, or sometimes even impossible, to heal even when using this knowledge. 

An example may be when a person has what conventional medicine would call osteoarthritis. GHk would identify a SBS of the Cerebral Medulla (New Mesoderm new brain), which is a self devaluation program resulting in cell loss in the conflict active phase. If this runs for many years without resolution, or is continually triggered, it will remain conflict active. It may be that a resolution would not be able to bring healing when there is a condition of bone on bone, such as in the hips or knees. Therefore, surgery would be required, and this is one area where conventional medicine is miraculous!

So it is advised to learn this biological science before you become ill, then you will understand what is happening in your body without any fear, and you will have the capacity to downgrade new conflict shocks and triggering events. The ramifications of owning this knowledge are profoundly empowering.

If you would like to learn more, please join a talk at Natural Grocers on April 5, 2023 at 4:30pm.

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