Roostie the Rooster

Azara and Roostie

If you've ever raised chickens, you know that roosters can become rather cocky and aggressive.  When we go out to gather eggs from our chicken coop, it takes 2 people and we have to arm ourselves with badmitton rackets.  While one of us is getting eggs the other is guarding their back to fend off "Roostie's" attack.

Our daughter Azara lovingly raised this sweet little “hen” from a chick and then discovered it was a rooster a week before a grand chicken wedding she had arranged between Roostie and another rooster?! Yep, that's our Roostie, and he's twice the size of all the other hens, quite intimidating.

Since Elliot the duck’s departure,  Azara and her best friends Oona and Jerra, were looking for other critters to snuggle with.....

One day I went out to get some eggs, and asked the children to get the badmitton rackets to cover me. "Oh we don't need to do that anymore, Roostie is very sweet and tame.  Come on we'll show you", says Azara.

So they chased Roostie into the chicken coop, closed all the doors except the back door, where you could only see Roostie's feet.  Azara pulled him out by the legs, held him upside down, and then flung him up into her arms to hold this full grown rooster like a baby, and then proceeded to pet him.

Poor Roostie looked rather undignified, his pride deflated. I stood there stunned.... until my Mama Bear instinct kicked in. "Keep your face away from that rooster, he could peck your eyes out!!"

Perhaps I should get a TV for these children to sit sedately in front of..... just kidding…..

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