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Better Water

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We all know that drinking water is the single most important thing we can do to support our good health. But did you know that not all water is as beneficial as other water?

Water is more than the sum of its chemical properties (H2O). Much like how diamonds and coal are made up of the same chemical (carbon) and yet have vastly different properties, water’s inner structure changes its physical characteristics and how well it absorbs into our cells.

Normally water runs freely, spinning between rocks and creating vortexes along riverbanks. All of this activity contributes to an inner structure that determines water’s microbiological properties and how stable it is. But most of us don’t drink water directly from a stream or river. On its long way to us through straight pipes, water loses much of its structure and vitality. Tap water travels in large molecular clumps that, when drunk, pass right through the body without entering our cell membranes! Studies show that much of the water you drink is not bio-available to your cells. You can be awash in regular tap or bottled water and your cells can still be starving. Who knew that structure was so important?

The good news is that vitality can be restored. Water that flows through simple spinning vortex devices becomes “restructured,” creating the most hydrating, most alive water you can drink. People that drink structured water report that they enjoy greater health and vitality, greater mental clarity, softer skin, thicker hair, and better digestion. Even better, special filters are now available that you can attach to your water system and effortlessly enjoy the benefits of structured water for the rest of your life. Contact me at julie@julietilt.com to learn more about available products, or go to my shop page under Water Filters. https://www.julietilt.com/shop

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