3 Tips for a balanced lifestyle

For most of us these are stressful times. Our lives are fast paced and we do not have much time to slow down and rest.  We feel we need to do more in order to be a success. But truly what matters most is our inner life, and not the outer circumstances. How do we balance our duties and take care of ourselves at the same time?

Ariel in Encinitas
"It's not stress that kills us, it's our reaction to it." ~ Han Selye

3 Simple ways:

1. MEDITATION: Every morning and evening take time, even just a few minutes, to meditate, to get in touch with your inner resources and guidance from your higher self. You can meditate using a specific scientific technique or just simply repeat a word or affirmation.

Meditation is simply, concentration on one thought only, or concentration on the thought of God (or whatever you call the universal power). You can sit with your spine straight in a chair with feet flat on the floor, or on the floor with legs crossed (either way is fine), and just repeat your name for God or any affirmation over and over again.  If your mind wanders, just gently bring it back no matter how many times it wanders. Remain in this posture with your body as still as you can, without moving a muscle, for the length of time you are able, with your mind focused on the one thought. Then take a minute or 2 to just stop all thoughts, and listen to the universal presence or the sound of God.

If you do this regularly, you will see changes happening in yourself. You will be more calm, more understanding, wisdom will flow more easily, and you will become more able to hear your true intuition connected to the universal power. I have found that this practice of meditation daily, gives me more nourishment than anything else I do. It has helped me tremendously to change myself for the better, to be more calm, peaceful, loving and trusting. 

2. TIME OUTSIDE: Every day if possible, spend time outside in the fresh air.  If possible take off your shoes and socks and put your feet in contact with the earth. This will initiate an energetic connection with the magnetism of the earth and balance the EMF exposure we are constantly surrounded with in our indoor spaces.  Take deep belly breaths of fresh air through the nostrils, filling your lungs to the fullest, and exhaling until the lungs are empty again. This turns on the parasympathetic nervous system, of rest and digest, and relieves the burden of our daily stresses. I will do this at work as well as at home. It changes my attitude to go outside to breathe deeply and take in the world from a different perspective. 

3. GIVING: Every day think of one thing you can do for someone else.  Even a small gesture like a smile or a kind word , or a hug. I try to pay attention to people I encounter to give a positive experience of connection, even if it is very brief connection. This warms my heart and makes me feel good about myself. Giving, even in the smallest ways can help alleviate our daily stresses and fill us with joy.

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