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The stresses of our modern culture can occlude our thinking and prevent us from remembering the basic goodness of others and ourselves. Sharing our thoughts, feelings, and memories can restore confidence, power, and love in our lives. A skilled listener can be essential for discovering what is true for you. In my practice, direction and guidance are offered not in the form of advice, but as a tool for self-discovery. 

​In this age of awakening consciousness, we have healing work to do on every level, for our human bodies as well as our planet. We can use a combination of ancient wisdom and current scientific research to bring our lives back into balance.


These are some of the tools Julie uses to create a protocol of health for you:

  • Germanic Healing Knowledge to discover the underlying causes of your physical and mental health issues

  • Applied Psycho Neurobiology and Family Constellation Work for healing past traumas

  • Counseling and personal growth work, relationship work, couples counseling

  • ART - Autonomic Response and O Ring Testing to determine supplements that work for your body

  • Herbal and plant based supplements

  • Detox programs

  • EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) consulting - providing mitigation strategies for your home and office

  • Cooking and shopping classes

  • Meditation techniques

  • Easy exercise programs for busy people

  • PEMF IMRS mat sessions for deep healing - to oxygenate the cells, create microcirculation (in person only)

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True transformation takes place over time. Julie has found that clients experience the most success in three- or six-month programs.
Sessions last for 1½ hours and are scheduled every other week. These prices include Julie's prep work and follow up for each session.
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Most Popular

Six Month Program


per month


12 - 1½ hour sessions with Julie

Multilevel Custom Health Evaluation 

Healing Action Plan

1 Year Access to Exclusive Health Course Content

Three Month Program


per month


6 - 1½ hour sessions with Julie

Multilevel Custom Health Evaluation 

Healing Action Plan

1 Year Access to Exclusive Health Course Content

Single Session




1½ hour session with Julie

Multilevel Custom Health Evaluation 

Healing Action Plan

1 Month Access to Exclusive Health Course Content

  • Julie Tilt Health Coaching

    “I’ve known Julie for several years now and have always held so much respect for her as not only an exemplary human being but also the healthiest person I’ve ever known.  When I learned she had become a health coach I couldn’t wait to sign up as I’ve struggled with health issues for the past 10 years.  She has been a godsend in my life.  She has not only helped me with my health but has been the best therapist I’ve ever had for my emotional issues as well.  She is so kind, loving, accepting and knowledgeable at the same time.  She has so much love and understanding for everyone she meets and I am so thankful for her guidance.  She will meet you wherever you are in your journey in life and help guide you with love, kindness, patience and a total lack of judgment.  Julie is most definitely one of the rare people in this world who walk their talk and make a big impact and difference in other peoples lives!”

  • Julie Tilt Health Coaching

    “Julie was so kind, enthusiastic and supportive of me in my process of working on health goals. Her approach is truly holistic. I came in focused solely on nutritional goals. With all the tools she has in her toolkit, I realize that not only my physical health, but my emotional, spiritual, and psychological health benefited from our work together. Julie’s encouragement helped me have patience with myself in achieving what I had set out to do and, in addition, to incorporate even more tools that have helped me live a healthier life.”

  • Julie Tilt Health Coaching

    “Love my coaching sessions! This has been one of the most impactful changes I have made for my health in a very long time. Highly recommend Julie!”

  • Julie Tilt Health Coaching

    “Julie helped me gain a better understanding of the underlying cause of my health issues. She helped me change how I think and approach my health, which is helping my body relax and start to slowly heal. I feel more empowered. Incorporating the tools from Julie with the tools I was already using has increased my ability to be more accepting and less judgmental of myself”

  • Julie Tilt Health Coaching

    “Working with Julie has been transformative, not only for me, but for my whole family as well. My husband met Julie and signed me up for her health coaching as a surprise for me. I was recovering from a very difficult pregnancy and was dealing with chronic pain and fatigue.
    Julie became a source of inspiration and healing for me. I looked forward to our bi-monthly meetings. She is so kind and patient! It felt so good to be able to talk to her about things going on in our lives and to get her feedback as well as learn from her about what was going on with my body. I am now doing so much better overall. She has worked with both our sons; one overcame severe seasonal allergies and the other (our youngest) is healing his gut and getting back on track neurologically!
    I can't say enough good things about our experience with Julie. The supplements she provides are top notch and the depth and breadth of her knowledge is impressive.
    Thank you for all your help and love Julie!”

  • Julie Tilt Health Coaching

    “Kind, compassionate and incredible knowledgeable about holistic health. She really took the time to understand my issues and goals and come up with action items that end in results.”


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