Julie’s Tools

These are some of the tools Julie uses to create a protocol of health for you to make profound changes in your life:

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Personal growth work, relationship work and couples counseling. Including life coaching and spiritual counseling. 
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Genetics Analysis
Analysis of your genetics panel and  the impacts to your life and health. Our genetics are not our destiny but we can use this information to strengthen our body's ability to avoid the any potential challenges.
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Lab Test Analysis
Analysis of your lab work from YOURLABWORK
Herbs & Supplements
I rely on herbal and plant based supplements for optimal health. Using Autonomic Response Testing we can determine which supplements meet your individual body's needs. 
Detox Programs
In our world today we all need to detox. Custom tailored for your body's needs to unload the bucket of toxins you carry, and reset your immune function so your body can heal itself.
Ionic Foot Baths
For enhancing your detoxification program. The Ionic Foot bath has been shown to increase detoxification up to 300%. Treat yourself to this delightful experience. 
EMF Consulting
(EMF = Electromagnetic Frequency)
Providing basic mitigation strategies for your home and office
ART and O Ring Testing
(ART) Autonomic Response and O Ring Testing to determine which supplements and strategies work best for your body.
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Cooking & Shopping Classes
Strategies for consuming and preparing more nutrient dense foods. Delicious food for busy people!
Meditation Techniques
To nourish body, mind and soul. To enhance your powers of concentration, your capacity for connection to your true intuition, and to the divine in you
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Easy Exercise
Easy and effective exercise programs for busy people
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Applied Psycho Neurobiology
and Family Constellation Work. 
PEMF IMRS Mat Session
Give yourself a deep healing gift, lay on the IMRS mat and receive the combination of PEMF with Far Infrared which create microcirculation and oxygenation of all of your cells.
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German New Medicine (aka Germanic Healing Knowledge) Consultations and Education
A new paradigm shift in medicine has appeared just when we need it most. You will feel more empowered and excited about taking charge of your health. You will never fear illness or disease again!